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Wealth and Health Podcast

Apr 30, 2020 the brown report - I believe that Jason Brown from the brown report is a fake guru

Jason brown the brown report - In my opinion, I don't believe his students make money.

And... the reason I believe this is that he recommends that his students BUY options

People who buy options do not make money.


Apr 27, 2020

Is Ricky Gutierrez a scam? In this review, we will discuss whether Learn Plan Profit and Ricky Gutierrez are trustworthy or whether it's a scam [my opinion]

In my opinion, day trading is a scam.

Ricky Gutierrez, and his Learn Plan Profit course encourage his students to trade leveraged ETFs (UGAZ, etc.)

In my opinion,...

Apr 23, 2020

Is Adam Khoo a Scam?

Is Adam Khoo a Fraud?

Learn my OPINION on Adam Khoo

Adam Khoo Khoo

Announcing: Advanced Options Trading LIVE WEBINAR!

Adam Khoo

Why You Will Never Make Money in the Stock Markets!

Adam Khoo

Apr 20, 2020

Learn THE MOST IMPORTANT lesson I learned at an Ivy League University.

The power of FOCUS and not being distracted by competing information.

Focus and use your time well.

Life lessons & college. The most important lesson.

Most important things in life.

Power of focus

Dwight Schrute LIFE LESSONS - The Office US

by The...

Apr 16, 2020

Options Trading: FULL 2019 Trading Statement. Learn from the world's BEST Options Trader.

Learn how to trade options from the best options trader in the world.

In my opinion, Option Alpha, Tastytrade and SMB Capital are NOT good financial education resources if your goal is to be consistently profitable traders.