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Wealth and Health Podcast

Mar 29, 2021

Does reading about stocks and researching your underlying cause you to LOSE money?


As a former Wall Street investment banker, I used to think that research was valuable and that stock market research was rewarded.


My opinion has changed and I now believe that almost all of the available information is already priced...

Mar 22, 2021

Being rich sucks?


0:00​ Intro

0:25​ Using money for self-esteem

0:55​ People using money

1:12​ Problems with money

1:35​ Blasphemy?

1:45​ Balance is key

2:10​ More is not better

2:25​ Experiences

3:00​ Sacrifices necessary to make money

3:20​ Live the best life

3:55​ Conclusion




Mar 15, 2021

Learn the BEST stock market trading strategy


0:00​ Introduction

1:02​ No one knows anything

2:23​ The differentiating factor

3:05​ Don't guess direction

4:20​ Sell options

5:00​ Minimize portfolio volatility

6:05​ Look at the VIX - Naked vs credit spreads

6:40​ Trade large cap stocks

7:00​ Small...

Mar 8, 2021

Things that I need to work on.


0:00​ Introduction

0:20​ Rude to my wife

1:17​ Need to go outside more

1:42​ Be more balanced

2:05​ Reduce negativity

2:42​ Victim mentality

3:10​ May delete videos

3:27​ Conclusion





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Mar 1, 2021

Learn why hedge funds suck.


The primary job of a hedge fund manager is to gather assets and increase their assets under management ("AUM")


0:00​ Introduction

0:30​ Motivation of funds

1:00​ Beat a hedge fund

1:30​ Fees & regulations

1:45​ Goal of hedge fund managers

2:05​ Fee structure

3:15​ Reasons...