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Jun 13, 2019

Options Trading Strategies for Beginners and Dummies: Lessons Learned from FB's (Facebook) Historic Bad Day

On July 26, 2018, Facebook had one of the WORST DAYS EVER by losing the most money (~$110 BILLION) in value.

In this episode, you're going to learn how I GOT LUCKY and didn't lose any money due to Facebook's historic bay day.

Actually, I'm going to make around $50,000 from it.

But... to be clear, ANYONE who tells you that they made money and that they predicted this, is full of sh*t.

My ability to profit from this is mostly due to luck because... when a stock has the WORST DAY EVER, it's LUCK that I wasn't hurt by this.

The main takeaways from this experience are:

1) Close out your positions early

2) Don't chase stocks and wait for proper entry points (which is what saved me)

3) Don't trade too many contracts (which is what also saved me)

Also... remember to be careful of fake gurus and people who buy options!

I bet a lot of people were bragging about how they made a lot of money from their Google calls.

Then.... they lost all their money when they bought Facebook calls.

Buying options is the same as buying lottery tickets. Don't be a price guesser. Buying options is not a skill. Instead, any success is simply misattributed to skill despite it not being a viable strategy.

To make consistent money in the stock market, you need to be the casino, not the gambler.

Puts, calls, expiration dates, strike prices, credits, premium, rolling, debits, vertical credit spreads, etc.

All of this stuff can be super confusing!

To be a successful options trader, a beginner options trader and with a solid options trading strategy will need a solid foundation.

An options trader will need to know the basic strategy.

BestStockStrategy provides the absolute best way to be a profitable trader

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