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Apr 30, 2020 the brown report - I believe that Jason Brown from the brown report is a fake guru

Jason brown the brown report - In my opinion, I don't believe his students make money.

And... the reason I believe this is that he recommends that his students BUY options

People who buy options do not make money.

It's simple math and probabilities

Jason Brown also encourages people to buy insurance and he also has mentioned in his podcast that day trading is easy money

Yet.... I read a study where 359,000 out of 360,000 day traders LOSE money

And the average day trader loses 15% a year

The top 500 day traders, out of 360,000, only earn 5% alpha per year (meaning 5% above holding an SPY ETF)

Again, it's my believe that Jason Brown is a fake guru and fraud.

His stock market course for beginners will likely not yield the desired profits.

His beginners stock market course will probably be a disappointment.

In my opinion, the only way to make consistent money in the stock market is by selling option premium via options trading.

I do not believe that his students make money

Also... Jason Brown from has about 37,000 YouTube subscribers

Yet his videos frequently get less than 700 views.

I have less than 6,000 subscribers as of February 5, 2019, yet my videos frequently receive 20x as many views (yet I have 1/6 as many subscribers as him!)

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