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Wealth and Health Podcast

Jan 30, 2020

Timothy Sykes Review. Is Timothy Sykes a scam and fraud?

In this video we are going to discuss why, in my opinion, Timothy Sykes is the biggest fraud in the financial education industry.

Timothy Sykes claims to have turned ~$12,000 into $1+ million.

Yet, I was unable to find any proof of this.

Additionally, when one of his colleagues lied to me and told me that he has audited financial statements.

When I called the accountant, they mentioned that they couldn't locate Timothy Sykes.

The information that they sent me was definitely not an audit.

Fake gurus sometimes try to intentionally confuse people.

In my opinion, Timothy Sykes is the biggest fraud in the education industry.

His hedge fund, Cilantro Fund Partners, also failed.

Plus... he "teaches" penny stocks. Penny stocks are a scam.

Timothy Sykes -


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