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Nov 21, 2019 Receive $400 worth of FREE options trading education Try the Trade Alerts & Make $

Options Trading Strategies for Beginners: Always Trade NAKED Options

This video discusses why options traders should always trade naked options

It discusses why investors / traders who say that trading naked options is dangerous are wrong - and they are not profitable traders.

The only other legitimate education network, TastyTrade, also indicates that trading naked options is best.

Trading Naked:

1) You collect and maximize your premium

2) You can easily manage naked positions when compared with vertical credit spreads

3) Trading naked options limits the number of options contracts you can sell

TastyTrade / TastyWorks always encourages naked options selling

OptionAlpha does not have good education. It's well-packaged but he provides incorrect advice.

I have studied what OptionAlpha teaches and... i actually don't think that Kirk Du Plessis from makes any money.

He relies on trading ETFs (which have very low premium) and he liked trading iron butterflies (which are straddle spreads).

I'm not a fan of Kirk du Plessis

I know he's been around for ~10 years and has good content, but your goal is to make make money.

I don't think he makes money

Everyone else: Sky View Trading, Jason Brown from The Brown Report, Simpler Trading, TheChartGuys are not worth paying attention to

They aren't profitable traders.

Sky View Trading isn't a fraud, but their program sucks.

Jason Brown teaches you how to buy options... so automatically we know he's a fraud.

TheChartGuys, Trading Fraternity, Simpler Trading - I haven't looked into them, but... if they don't post their trading statements, if they use charts and if they teach you to buy options, then... it's a fraud.

Remember that the only way to be a successful trader is by selling stock option premium

I teach you about call options, put option, credit spreads & options strategies

Learn how to trade options for beginners from a real trader!

Learn to make consistent profits in the stock market

Only SELLING option premium will work!

You'll learn what Option Alpha, TheChartGuys, tastytrade and Sky View Trading don't tell you!

Learn how to trade options with my best options trading strategies

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