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Want to Be Successful? Work Hard & Don't Be Fancy [Most People Fail]

This video discusses how successful force themselves to be disciplined and to get things done.

We've all heard of Gary Vaynerchuk (Gary Vee) who talks about how to be successful - how success requires hard work and hustle.

Gary preaches that it's important that people don't be fancy.

One important aspect that separates winners from losers is that I believe people place way too much pressure on themselves.

The majority of Americans are in debt, unhealthy, addicted to opioids, drug addicts, abusive towards their spouse / gf, etc.

There is so much college debt and bad habits that people are struggling to survive.

I know that online we see beautiful people who seem to have a perfect life, but the reality is often much different than that.

This is not a motivational talk or a motivational speech, rather it's an inspirational video to tell you that if you're not in debt, unhealthy, or addicted to pills, etc... then you're doing fine!!

Remember that your success and failure will be determined by how you act when no one is watching you.

Do you have bad habits that you're ashamed of but that you hide?

Are you overweight? Do you find it difficult to eat healthy and adhere to a healthy lifestyle?

Health is wealth and it's incredibly important to be healthy in order to accomplish your goals.

Your motivation for success should be to be the best version of yourself.

Here is a video about competing with YOURSELF, not other people.

Be the best version of yourself / self-optimization and biohacking.

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